Young India Attend Seminar of Social Media Awareness by earning place

“Social Media Education Awareness Seminar” being organized in the capital Jaipur “Earning Place” company organized an awareness program on the topic of social media education in Malviya Nagar, in which various students of Jaipur city participated and how to ride and make good use of the new generation using smart phones and technology, etc. But taught through presentation.Founder Mr. Uttam Singh told that,The main objective of organizing the program

“Awareness Seminar” is to teach students and youth to use smart phones and by making them aware of the ill effects of increasing technology, useful courses and programs to provide employment opportunities to the youth in the field of IT. Information related to portal and online education has to be made available to the students, along with this, the students also got the solution by asking various questions and participated in the seminar with enthusiasm.