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Umesh Kaushik
Umesh Kaushik is a Journalist having 5+ years of experience in journalism. He covers Interview of Celebs and writes about Indian Entertainment & Lifestyle.
Jitendra Kumar

With a dream and determination, Jitendra founded Xpert Times, carving a path for excellence in journalism and fostering a culture of curiosity

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Dheeraj Bhardwaj
Chief Technology Officer

Dheeraj Bhardwaj, an IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus, embodies relentless innovation, steering diverse domains with 15+ years' expertise in data science, agile project management, and seamless tech transitions.

Pragya Trivedi

Pragya Trivedi being a good orator and working on her communication for being a good Anchor and reporter

Hussaina Turabi

Enthusiastic individual with a knack for creating engaging videos and spreading news and awareness.

RC Rana

Meet RC Rana, the seasoned journalist with a captivating storytelling style and an unyielding passion for uncovering compelling stories.

Prashi Jain
News Anchor

Introducing Prashi Jain, the charismatic news anchor who delivers the latest headlines with clarity, poise, and an engaging presence that keeps viewers informed and connected.

Himanshi Kaushik

Meet Himanshi Kaushik, the diligent and perceptive journalist whose inquisitive nature uncovers untold stories and sheds light on the issues that matter most.

Muskan Raghuvanshi

Dynamic and passionate journalist who fearlessly explores the world to bring forth powerful and impactful stories that resonate with readers.

Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh, the tenacious and insightful journalist who weaves compelling narratives that transcend boundaries and shed light on the human experience.

Sriparna Raha

Hi! Myself Sriparna Raha. Recently graduated from Calcutta University with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Extremely passionate about writing and exploring. Quick learner, hard worker. Eager to learn the ropes of the journalism industry and establish a outstanding career in this dynamic sector.

Aaditri Saraswat

Aaditri Saraswat is aspiring journalist. She loves to write about Indian politics,foreign affairs and international relations.

Medha Barma

Medha Barma was born in 2003, West Bengal. She considers her friends and family to be most important to her. 'The Kites which belonged to Different Skies' is her first book.

Kaushiki Vaish

I'm a journalism student with a zest for uncovering the truth and a passion for video making and editing.

Aarti Maurya

Aarti Maurya, a passionate 3rd-year B.Tech student, currently immersed in the world of technical exploration. With a thirst for knowledge, She embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Anurima Das

My name is Anurima Das. I live in Howrah. I completed my bachelor of arts degree in Journalism and mass communication from calcutta university affiliated college. My strengths are I'm hard working person and always ready to develop myself.

Gayatri Arya
Content Writer

The intrepid and eloquent journalist whose words evoke emotion and drive change, making a lasting impact on the world of storytelling.

Tanya Chand
Content Writer
Mohamad Ali Khadra
Lauren Blumenthal
Anjali Kumari
Urvashi Maheshwari
Malla Sravani
Sidharth Singh
Sakshi Rana
Shivam Goyal

Shivam Goyal is working as a journalist in Xpert Times who mainly does journalism in Aligarh district.

Xpert Times

Xpert Times News Media stands tall as the city's news maestro, offering insightful, unbiased, and incisive reporting that resonates.

Swastika Soni

A dedicated student, currently pursuing a triple major in Journalism, Psychology and English, with a knack for writing compelling news stories. Highly passionate about public speaking. Committed to pursuing a career in journalism, whether in broadcast or print media, with a specific focus on writing editorials or stories pertaining to political matters.

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