About Us

Xpert Times,   India ’s most watched and the most incredible and respected news media company, was launched in 2021. In its earlier avatar, Xpert Times connected people’s problems across the country, taking away the sense of isolation and solutions they felt. It gave them hope of having the solutions to their problems from the government . The aim to launch a new digital platform is to track and document important changes in key areas which a diverse and young nation like India is experiencing. Cutting away shrill, divisive opinions, we hope to act as a catalyst for generating ideas that will encourage a lively discussion on important parameters that concern a majority of people cutting across regions. 

After talking to many people from many villages we know the people are facing the issues and not getting the benefit of their rights from the chairman, head of Panchayats, Member of Legislative Assembly and Member of Parliament with other government officials. Xpert Times shares the problem with digital platforms to the Chief Minister and Prime Minister. ‘Xpert Times’ was started as  a newsletter. It aimed to reach ground level reporting with people , help them network, make solutions, empower them, create more structured work groups, educate them about their rights and offer a platform to share their government offered schemes and rights/ issues. Xpert Times has the Own Digital and Print Magazine. Xpert Times covers the news in Hindi and English both languages. Xpert Times has now more than 9+ news media franchises

Socio-economic issues pertaining to sectors like health, education, environment, legal, and culture pose serious concern to the entire bandwidth of the citizenry. It will be our attempt to focus on news stories and reports that reflect ground realities. As the government remains the biggest agent of bringing about social and economic development, it will be our attempt to be informative and at the same time provide a critical appreciation and examination of the government policies. An internally secure, peaceful and stable India is the prime pre-requisite for socio-economic development. India also has to build up credible and strong defence on its borders and try to be self-reliant in defence.

India is a land of diversity and interesting contradictions – launching a mission to Mars, being a responsible nuclear power and being an IT and digital global power but still lacking in providing some basic amenities to its citizens. Though women have broken many glass ceilings, they have not become equal partners in socio-economic progress. Poor and marginalized and people in rural areas have been left out in the economic inclusiveness, posing a big challenge to the government in the world’s largest democracy. Tracking and documenting these contradictions and changes present a challenge, and in our own humble way we hope to make a beginning to meet it.

When a debate raged amidst us on these issues, it became the reason for the launching of xperttimes.com, an attempt to be an independent, unbiased, informative and lively platform with commitment to values enshrined in our Constitution. The aim is to bring ground reports, and analytical stories to the fore and as digital India promises to usher in interesting times, the narrative also needs to be changed in a constructive way. As we get resources, our coverage will also grow and acquire new depth. Till then, read us on the web, on the move on your smartphone, share our stories and also tweet and re-tweet. Also, send us your feedback.