Ethics Policy

Xpert Times Network Private Limited (“Xpert Times”) is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in journalism. Our Ethics Policy serves as a guideline for our team, ensuring the integrity, credibility, and responsibility of our news reporting.

1. Integrity and Accuracy

a. We prioritize truth, accuracy, and fairness in all our news reporting. We are committed to presenting the facts without distortion, misinformation, or manipulation.

b. We refrain from publishing information that is knowingly false, misleading, or deceptive.

2. Independence and Impartiality

a. We maintain editorial independence and freedom from any external influence that could compromise the accuracy or fairness of our reporting.

b. Our journalists are expected to provide fair coverage, presenting multiple perspectives and opinions to offer a balanced view of the subject matter.

3. Accountability and Transparency

a. We hold ourselves accountable for our work and actions. If errors or inaccuracies occur, we promptly correct them and provide clear and transparent correction notices.

b. We are transparent about our sources, affiliations, and potential conflicts of interest that could influence our reporting.

4. Privacy and Sensitivity

a. We respect individuals’ privacy rights and exercise caution and discretion when reporting on sensitive matters or dealing with private or personal information.

b. We refrain from publishing content that can cause harm, invade privacy, or perpetuate discrimination or prejudice against any individual or group.

5. Diversity and Inclusivity

a. We embrace diversity in our newsroom, striving to include voices and perspectives that reflect the multicultural society we serve.

b. We are committed to fair representation and accurate portrayal of various communities, cultures, and identities in our reporting.

6. Plagiarism and Originality

a. We strictly prohibit plagiarism and ensure that all content produced is original, properly attributed, and complies with copyright laws.

b. Proper credit and acknowledgment are given to external sources, and we respect intellectual property rights.

7. Conflict of Interest

a. Our journalists and staff are expected to avoid conflicts of interest that could compromise their professional integrity or the public’s trust.

b. Any potential conflict of interest must be disclosed, and appropriate measures will be taken to ensure unbiased reporting.

8. Respect for Public Trust

a. We acknowledge the responsibility we carry as a news media company and endeavor to uphold the public’s trust by providing accurate, reliable, and responsible journalism.

b. We encourage open dialogue and feedback from our readers and are committed to addressing concerns and complaints promptly and professionally.

9. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

a. We adhere to all laws, regulations, and guidelines governing journalism in India, including those set forth by the Press Council of India and other relevant bodies.


The Xpert Times Editorial Team