The most acclaimed author Ayush Saxena

Ayush Saxena is an engineer who completed his engineering from SRM University, Chennai, and he is also an award-winning writer who has contributed to more than 10 anthologies with his poems and motivational quotes, for which he was awarded the “Master of rhymes award” which was followed by many more achievements in the field of writing. He lives in the city of lakes Bhopal, M.P. He started his journey of writing on Instagram last year on his page “Poemsopedia” under the name of ” Arnit ” inspired by his parents “Arti and Nitin saxena”, He was able to attract followers as well as some great members of the writing community through his works, He takes inspiration from the most ordinary incidences in daily life, nature, and abstract topics making his writings immensely relatable and sometimes making you remember similar experiences, Through his writings, he aims to make the reader relive beautiful experiences of his/her life and aims to bring a smile on the reader’s face.

Questionnaire :

Q. How did you decided you upon writing this book ?
Ans. The idea to write this book was in my mind for the past few months, I thought it would be great to make a book just out of motivational quotes related to problems we face in current society and also some inspirational poems which are light reads & make you feel good about yourself, just like a self-care medicine and make you remember greatest moments with your loved ones and give you strength and enthusiasm to create more such moments to remember. In relation to what we have faced as a society in the past 2 years (Covid-19) it has made us realize how uncertain life is, thus I wanted to write something that makes us value our lives more and do whatever we want to, right now. As I am a student, publishing my own book with a reputed publishing house was a huge challenge for me, but the “Poetic Souls” publication gave me an opportunity to do this through their “Daily Scribblings 4.0” program, Hence I invite you to take a dive into a sea of motivation and experiences as you read this book, if reading it brings a smile on your face, I would think I accomplished my goal, have a great time reading it

Ayush Saxena aims to achieve more and write as many as more books as possible. He is the star of the future