Soumyajit Dutta – Indian fashion Changed over the years.

Indian Fashion Introduction:
India is a country with different customs and cultures.

People follow various traditions over here, the way of dress differs from each other. The traces of Indians being fashionable can be found out from the ancient remains of the Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilizations.

The style of wearing sari and salwar- kameez has changed over the years, hence Different styles of blouses like Katori style, halter-neck, back button blouses, high neck blouses, puffed sleeve blouses, etc.

Indian fashion is greatly influenced by an Indian film, for example, Mumtaz style sari draping inspired by yesteryear heroine Mumtaz. Her sari is tightly draped around her body.

The Rise of Mall:
The culture of malls is rising Indian market slowly and steadily. Many labels are launched in the market. India’s first retail outlet was Shopper’s stop which provides a wide range of brands all under a single roof. Some of the famous malls in India like Globus Pantaloons etc, these are are places where you can launch your private labels and manufacture and sold them.

Hence there are many family stores like Max, Bigbazer, etc these are the store where you can take a ride of an international shopping experience.

Changing phase of the Indian Fashion industry:
India has witnessed various kinds of Indian garment industry is the popularity of Boutiques. A boutique is a departmental store where you can find a unique and trendy product in a wide range the product is displayed High specialty stores even make customized garments that are made to order.

Previously only rich and famous people use to visit such boutiques but now due to the increased demand for designers' outfits people are giving orders and buying that outfit and the fashion stores are gearing up.

Hence the market of branded garments is growing up in India, many national and international brands are established themselves in Indian garments like Van Heusen, Louis Philipe, etc.

Displaying clothes items through a fashion show and catwalk the Western concept

Miss India concept was organized by the Femina group, and the first winner was Zeenat Aman she was Miss Asia Pacific in 1970.

Hence Indian fashion got international exposure and acclamation because of organizing such beauty contests.
Nowadays the stars are hiring fashion designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra, Anamika Khanna, etc, taking the fashion world to the highest level.

Budding fashion designers doing fashion shows emerged of new malls that’s when fashion has emerged to the next level. Fashion trends and style have become one of the most important parts of the fashion industry. The Indian fashion industry has absorbed the western style and technological trends. Hence Indian apparel market will be worth triple. There are different kinds of brands they are a competitor for each other taking fashion to the highest level. According to Donatella Versace “Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream”.

Hence Indian fashion industry has become international standards and become one of the most happening and revenue-generating industries of India. The people are accepting globally it describes its personality and identity.

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