My effort is to create a new political system in Bihar: Sharad Kumar Yadav

Sharad Kumar Yadav

Sharad KumarYadav, located in Banka of Bihar state, while addressing the people in the Town campaign said that we are not giving money to anyone to mobilize the crowd. Rather we are making a system to change the society. I am not a minister, MLA, bureaucrat or contractor. MLA and MP have been by our votes but people of Banka have not received anything from them till date.

Youth leader and Social Activist Sharad Kumar Yadav, who was on a public meeting, spoke to the people of Banka in Bihar on Wednesday. During this, Sharad said that when the country became independent, Gandhi ji, Babasaheb Ambedkar gave the right to the people that the king of the country will become the one whom you choose, the son of the king will not become the king.

Sharad Kumar Yadav said that this system should be changed, so we have resolved that if given a chance, arrangements will be made for all the boys who are working outside of Banka within 6 months to 1 year. The youth of Banka will be given employment in their own city/state.

Let us tell you that Sharad Kumar Yadav is constantly targeting not only the opponents in his journey; Rather, they are trying to raise those issues which are directly related to the public. Especially by raising local issues, they are also trying to tell the public that the issues which have not been touched by any local leaders till date, they want to remove those problems.