Mradalini Sailor is rare talent of beauty with brains from gwalior

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Mradalini Sailor daughter of Mrs. Anita Sailor and Mr. shivdayal a rare talent with beauty and brain from Gwalior. Along with her parents she lives with her sister Shristi Sailor and brother Nitesh Sailor.
Mradalini is a model who has completed her schooling in Ebenezer Higher Secondary School and completed her graduation in bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication from Delhi. She has also done diploma in Interior designing from ITM university.

Mradalini started her modeling career from the age of 17 in Gwalior. She has done many fashion shows and has been crowned with many titles like “Miss Traditional India” in 2018 , “Miss Vivacious Winter Queen” in 2022 and “Miss India Quintessential Madhya Pradesh” in 2022. Along with passion she still continued her studies and other future goals. She is a national player in Wushu and other Martial Arts. She has also won International Black Belt in Hapkido. She is also posted as Secretary of Hapkido at Hapkido Association in Gwalior. She has been the judge and referee of Hapkido Association of India. She also own her own company “MD interiors.” She is also Miss Asia Continent 2022

Along with her modelling career she wants to open her own NGO in future which will aim to bring changes in society. She has plans to launch her own clothing brand which will give employment to the unemployed ones. To increase fitness awareness across the globe, she has launched WOLY fitness studio that operates online across the globe and also helps those who wants to pursue their career in modelling.