Jignasha Patel’s next novel may be published soon

Jignasha patel is a well- known name in the world of gujarati and hindi media, litrature and entertainment industries.her writing was highly appreciated by the people and her outstanding work on this industry has lots of public love.She made her debut in the writing world by her first novel “Zanpo udas che”, which was first published in Gujarati newspapers. Than she started writing regular column “Khaas Mulaquat” in Gujarati newspapers, which became very popular among the readers. After touching hearts of masses with her column, she brought out three novels back to back. Meanwhile her another column “Khatti-Meethi Batain” in Saurashtra Satya News gained immense popularity and readers greatly appreciated her writing. After this she wrote many regular columns viz “Have Saanjh Thavani Che” (a novel-Navgujarat times & Jagat Darpan), “Kinaro Kyan?” (a novel-Navgujarat times & Jagat Darpan), “Sahityani Sarvani” (an article-Navgujarat times), “Satyna sathvare” (based on a true story-Navgujarat times), “Khaas Mulaquat” (celebrity interviews-Jagat Darpan, Navgujarat times & Crime Trishanku), “Vishal vyaktitva” (article series about the life story of South Indian cinema’s power star Pawan Kalyan-Crime Trishanku), “Vyathani Vaat” (short storiey series-Navgujarat times), “Shu amne avatarva desho?” (About girl child-Navgujarat times), “Meri pasand” (Vruttmitra) and numerous other literary works. Her columns about the celebrities greatly increased their reach among the people. After her success in the literary world she had moved to Mumbai, where she started exploring new avenues in acting and script writing for Gujarati cinema. She also do concept writing for various comic series viz OS Media and short movie & movie script for MB films(to name one among many) and screenplay for music albums.

She is a good actress as well as a good writer,The proof of which we can see in his novels and articles written so far.her novel , ‘loc – love oppose crime ‘written last year, has also received a lot of love from the people.And now we may get to read her next novel soon.In a conversation with the media, she told that she is soon coming up with a novel which will talk about social problems along with a small love story.Giving information about this to her fans, he shared a photo in instagram and wrote that,’In these days! I’m in the creative & fantasy world…Will see you very soon with a different novel.’So it is certain that something new and intresting novel is going to come very soon for the readers.