From humble beginnings to diving deep into the digital forensic world, Ankur Chandrakant does it all with perfection.

Ankur Chandrakant

His focus on providing the best services as one of the most sought-after forensic and cybersecurity experts has helped him reach the top of the sector in a short period.

No one ever said that the path to success would only be about sunshine and happiness. People really need to walk the walk and create new roads for them to lead toward where they wish to be in their journeys; suggest a few established names across sectors around the world, which also includes Ankur Chandrakant (, from New Delhi and originally from Uttarakhand, India. Ankur Chandrakant as, a sought-after forensic and cybersecurity expert, has stunned people with the extensive list of achievements, certifications, and affiliations he has had in his journey. Starting with a degree in B.Tech in Computer Science to doing his M.S. (Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Cyber Forensic, and Counter-Terrorism) and attaining 38 certifications and affiliations with giants global companies, he proved his mettle at every step of the way.

His razor-sharp focus as a business owner with three EdTech startups, one media and entertainment startup, and an NGO has always been on providing top-notch services to people. His expertise includes in services like cyber forensics and cyber intelligence, risk management, and artificial intelligence makeover, apart from other top services like social media, remote device hacks, quick hacks, zero-order remote access, global encryption breaking, and threat mitigation.

This intelligent and astute business owner, trainer, author, philanthropist, and mentor has even educated top police officers, teaching them about swiftly handling cybercrime cases and, in the process, also founded the one and only non-profit organization in Uttarakhand dedicated to cybercrime prevention and women’s protection called eProtect Foundation. Through online sessions, he has trained more than 280K, conducted more than 400 seminars and workshops, has patronized over 600+, and even has to his name, over 500 media releases and many more accolades.

Ankur Chandrakant is one who also has made sure to provide several schools and institutions with free cyber training and also legal aid to cybercrime victims under his much-talked-about NGO.

Even as a producer in the world of media and entertainment under Listed Magazines, he has been working around three upcoming web series, with one focused on cybercrime and cyber terrorism with an Indian cast. His website covers online and offline Magazine editions and Model Portfolio and is growing gradually by making short movies and web series, with its presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Dehradun, and Chandigarh.