Fashion model-cum young Influencer Sujay anjan clears the air for upcoming talents

Model and young influencer Sujay anjan opens up about the Drug abuse Allegations that’s being put upon Models and Artists in recent times.
It’s no surprise that typical indian cinema directors portray that Entertainment,Modeling industry is full of Drug/Sex addicts and are spoilt brats.

But there’s no much truth to it.
Sujay anjan says that to become an artist and to portray their art in the form of any acting skills to showcasing a dress in a form or actor or model one must look pleasing or should fill the character requirements.

People from Modeling industry and even OTT platform actors
From “Netflix” to “Theatre” cinema artists adhere to Stritct diet and extreme discipline both physically and mentally and eat healthy and work their lives on to be the best version of themselves.

Wrong influencing leads the young ones have a major disbelief and aesthetic culture will start to fade off eventually.
And Fashion/Modeling/Acting is a booming industry in India.

If directors from entertainment industry and mass media start seeding a skeptical mindset in youth or their parents in indian lands It’s always a step back for the industry and losing some of the amazing talents is a no surprise.

he added that he was lucky that Fashion experts like “Prasad bidapa” gave him a right instructions by advicing him to stay off from unhealthy habits and also to have the fashion and modeling as a hobby initially.

Sujay anjan also said that when he was 16 he had to eat healthy and to do so he’d only have pocket money to buy healthy good and great source of protien and not spend on Recreational beverages and substances.

He ends the interview telling that there is flaws and blemish in every streams and there is right and wrong in every aspect of the society.
Branding one particular sector for someonethig is something we all should take notice and fight against it.

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