Much of the population is in fact online most of the time.

We therefore believe that online marketing is the only way to proceed and that social media campaigns, email newsletters and website advertisements will have the best impact.
That’s true….but
People continue to watch television, listen to the radio and read the papers.
So,Traditional marketing still leverages in the marketing world, as not everyone is online all the time.
“Expo plans to have it a little more personalized” – says Aastha Awasthi (Chief marketing officer of Ethical xpo )
We believe it’s important to remember that some products give better results if marketed online, however, that may not be the case for other products.
Adarsh kashyap (Expo CEO) suggests The trick is to use somewhat of both.
and truly deliver the best impact of marketing campaigns.
Conventional and digital advertising share the same principle of attracting different customers,
giving up one for the good of the other can be detrimental to business.
Darshit jaiswal (Expo CFO) provided an example from Pepsi.
“That a good illustration of this is Pepsi who lost a lot of money because they decided to move 100% from traditional television ads to social media.”
Online advertising can get a message across to the public quickly and effectively through social media and networks. while offline advertisements such as TV commercials can transmit a message to offline audiences.

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