Another Feather in the Cap of Bravo International Book Of World Records

Korulta, a small town in Telangana state, has produced exceptional talent. Saiteja Siripuram invented alcoholic detector. These types of detectors were already on the market, but he invented one that can detect 30 percent and higher levels of alcohol consumption without the use of any device in the mouth.

Saiteja Siripuram was named ‘Innovation of the Year 2021’ by BWR Asian Subcontinent Edition 2021. This alcohol detector is a novel method of determining alcohol consumption, and it is primarily used by drivers to avoid accidents, thereby saving many lives.

Another young talent from Jaunpur, UP; sometimes people do not reach out to small cities, preferring to look for talent in large metropolitan areas. But this young lady from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, is one of a kind.

Baby Vaishnavi Srivastava, can recall all Indian state’s capitals, territories, and all 196 countries and its capitals in 3 minutes and 21 secs. BWR recognised and congratulated you on your remarkable achievement as the ‘Youngest Memory Wizard.’

Her parents and she were both congratulated by prominent Jaunpur residents.

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