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How Vikas Kumar Pushpam, a resident of Angar Ghat, a small village in Samastipur district, is making his name on YouTube, so let’s talk today. About Vikash Vikas’h full name is Vikas Kumar Giri. Vikash father’s name is Mr. Dinesh Giri. And Vikash has two younger brothers and a sister full of Vikash and Vikash is 21 years old now. Vikas was born on 4 October 1999. He was born in his village Angar Ghat. So Vikash moved to Delhi at a very young age. He is also doing job and Vikash has so far traveled in many states of India. What is in blogging on YouTube, so is the name of his channel. (Pushpam Vloges) has started making Vloges and more by doing his work on YouTube.And let me tell you that Vikash also loves to travel. That’s why Vikash remains in the headlines for his air travel and will soon leave for international trips as well. It has been found that the Development was learner that Vikas will be leaving for Dubai for his first international trip. In the coming year, the song of more development is also going to come very soon, which was going to come on the song Navratra, but due to some personal matters, then very soon the song will also be presented in front of you people.Vikash says that Vikash will donate 50% of the income from social media.

Further development for the Homeless People for the poor children still help. He spends around 25 to ₹ 30000 in a year. Help where it happens, then you guys keep your love and support. Bless Vikas so that Vikas goes ahead and does great things and helps everyone, then how did you feel about this development work in 21 years, definitely tell us in the comments. Thank you.Vikas’h Channel ( Pushpam Vloges) has more than 3000 subscribers and Vikas is followed by more than 10k people on Insta and Vikash also has a Facebook page. If you have not followed him in the name of Vikash Kumar Pushpam, then go follow him, subscribe and support Vikash Thanks and do tell us in the comments how did you like the work of development

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