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Vaibhav’s CodeWithGeeks – Community of Geeks

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As Mark Twain said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”. So yes, here is a young budding founder of who is multi-talented and his name is Vaibhav.


Building your own startup is not an easy deed, one has to put his heart and soul to sow the seed and create strong branches and this guy did it just at the age of 20. He developed this platform and currently, he is pursuing his bachelor’s in computer science from  KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. 


You might be wondering what does this company? They regularly post useful and authentic content on their website for benefitting their customer’s goals.

This is the one and only website where the coders will be able to explore everything they are willing to have. To top it all, they are presently providing for free of cost as of now


Is there any source of revenue?

The only revenue stream comes by running the website’s advertisements.

Now their community has multiplied to more than seven thousand members within a time span of only six months. The unique feature of this organisation is that each and every aspiring coder can discover everything they need on this website, whether they’re interested in learning new programming languages through articles, getting their questions answered or joining a thriving coding community, they will get all the lock keys in just one place. One more outstanding thing is that they have a very active discord server where if one’s doubts and queries cannot be cleared on the website itself, it will be cleared and clarified over the phone in the discord. This all has been made possible by him who actually has more than five years of experience as a search engine expert and have worked as a freelancer too.


And no one will believe or be able to imagine but his personal blogs are read by more than 20 million people, which is commendable.


Furthermore, since its official launch, this company -CodeWithGeeks has gained the trust of more than 7000 plus customers across the country. Their amazing YouTube channel, CodeWithGeeks, was officially launched to a crowd of over 4,000 viewers at the time.

Now their site ranks among India’s top 20,000 websites which is the embarkation of a bright and successful future. And success is never bound to satisfaction, success for this young entrepreneur in the coming five years will be defined as the rapid growth of himself and his organisation, which by that time period should be impactful and improve the working lives of thousands of coders. Neither his current team nor the future ones will be able to accomplish all of this without their help. The main motivation and accomplishment he wants are to make CodeWithGeeks a household name in society and the first and only place for all budding coders where they can get support in any kind of guidance, learning and solution they are looking for. This company will grow with a brighter vision and mission especially for the youngsters to design something bigger and better.


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