Vaibhav Palhade is the talk of the music town for giving back to back hit songs

Vaibhav Palhade is the name that is in the headlines now-a-days constantly due to back to back hit songs he has been giving. His songs are available on all the music platforms like YouTube Music, ITunes, Gaana etc. His music is appreciated not only in youth but in every age group. His voice has some soothing qualities that attracts crowds towards his songs. His songs are all going viral one after the other making him talk of the music industry. “City Girls Yeah” and “Ishq Reloaded” are two of his recent works which are appreciated among the music guru’s because of the versatility that these two songs have.

Vaibhav had attained a lot in this young age and is a symbol of motivation for the youths of our country. He is also a director,producer and author. He has been so consistent in his work from the time he started his journey. Whatever Vaibhav is today is the result of his hard work and consistent efforts. His talents were noticed by his school teachers a long time back who encouraged him to pursue directing as his career option. He took the advice and did many courses in the field now he is well read for it. He learned film making from NFI and did a number of courses in VFX Courses From Hyderabad. Vaibhav completed his diploma in mechanical engineering from Government Polytechnic Washim. He looked up to Mrs. Lata Patond as his mentor during his school days and found another mentor, Shri. U R Toshniwal during his college days.

All the work that he did in school and college helped him to learn and grow as a director and also a person. Vaibhav had directed a number of short films; every film had something new to offer to its viewers. Through his work one can see how immensely talented Vaibhav is. His work is a breath of fresh air and versatility and new ideas are always present there.

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