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This Jalandhar-based NGO head Ishu Kalra helps needy people by distributing warm clothes

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Hailed as one of the best seasons of the year in India, Jalandhar winters are usually extreme with the temperature dropping to as low as zero degree celsius. While this may be enjoyable for a few, the bone-chilling winters that Jalandhar’s experience can prove deadly for vulnerable sections of society that are unable to access proper shelter or woollen garments during this time of the year. Here’s a look at one organisation in Jalandhar that urges people to donate clothes and blankets this season to help fellow denizens combat the harsh months of winter. New Campaign has been started by Ishu Kalra to spread happiness to the people who will not be able to buy warm clothes for themselves.

A lot of unused things, be it food or clothes often gets us worried on how to dispose of them. Jalandhar-based NGO Humanity has come forward to take care of it in a useful and sustainable way. The city-based NGO called Humanity Jalandhar has been active for a couple of years and is known for adding happiness to the city. It is distributing the clothes to the needy people of the city and spreading more happiness to all. This is only by an Individual person known as the founder and head of NGO Ishu Kalra.They leave no stone unturned to give the right shape to their city with their beautification efforts in different parts of the city. They have helped many people at the time of Covid19.

Jalandhar based NGO Started in 2019 by Ishu Kalra, that distributes of all sorts – clothes, toys, books, shoes, utensils, electronic items, furniture, and other items, which is basically anything except cash – from the distributors’ doorstep and ensures these reach the people in need. Humanity is the best form of mercy. A good person always leaves traces of good social work and temperament among other people. It is only through the presence of the person that positive comes out in many people. When you start being able to feel the need to perform duty towards people on your own, you have defined your ability as well as others since that time. Such is the young Ishu Kalra who is known through his NGO Humanity.

Ishu Kalra has additionally made his life simple by confronting challenges. Ishu has a place with an excited and diligent family and his comical inclination and acumen motivates further in the entirety of his work in Jalandhar City. We commonly know Ishu Kalra as a social worker.

Ishu Kalra said, “We have been helping people from our formed  NGO named Humanity since the last 4+ years. Through which we help the poor and underprivileged. The basic needs of such people are met. Provides the rights of women with food and education.

“The aim of the NGO is to provide clothes for needy”

Ishu Kalra said, “The aim of our NGO is to provide clothes to the needy people. We also care for poor people. Help all those who are unable to purchase warm clothes to save their children from the winters.

“Helped people by feeding food”

Ishu Kalra said, “The aim of our NGO is to provide food to the hungry. Educate people. We also stand for women’s rights. Help all those who are unable Inspire parents and children to enrol their children in school.

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