The stunning author Yogita Warde

The epitome of knowledge, simplicity, and power. A woman who loves writing and exploring, Yogita Warde is one of her kind.  Yogita Warde is highly honored for her writing skills. Her journey of writing started from her childhood. Yogita Warde has her native in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. A girl from a village named “Shujalpur” is celebrated as the author of four astounding books. Since her childhood, she loved writing and wanted to build a career in the writing industry. At a juncture of her life, she decided to start writing for inspiring many women out there who are still looking for a bright future. Her creativity skills and excellence in the writing field. Saahi & Sudheer is a novel that covers the love story of a writer with an artist. The novel gives a view of how a true friendship turned into a love relationship. The novel is a perfect package of emotional breakdowns, true feelings, and relationship chaos. Yogita Warde is still in love with her first book, just like all the other writers do. Before writing her first book, she was dubious about her work. She used to get weird thoughts till her book got published.

Now, Yogita Warde is seen as an example of audacity, and unflinching attitude. The praise and lauding that she received for her first book, gave her the courage to write many more. Her surpassing work in all her four books is still beyond imagination. Yogita believes women should get equal rights and opportunities to show their capabilities. She used to observe all the difficulties women are facing in the patriarchal society. All these motivated her to write another masterpiece named “Diya”. In this book, Yogita pen down all the difficulties that women face regularly. She delineated how women suffer due to cultural ethics and traditional myths. The author “Yogita Warde” is a kindhearted human who believes in learning life lessons. She thinks people should stand strong rather getting demotivated. Her thoughts and real-life experiences made her write her third showpiece in the writing field. The book “Post Card” throws light on the real-life experiences that everyone faces. This story describes how people come across many problems and they fight out these problems with a plucky attitude. This book gives a beautiful message to everyone. The book helps people know that you will celebrate many triumphs when you would decide to fight out the problems. Recently, she has published her fourth book named “Cooker ki Seeti”. With the help of her fourth book, the author is trying to entice the youngsters to the drama field. Her fourth book is a compendium of a set of 6 dramas with many surprising messages for the viewers. The book is a great help for the young generation to understand the concept and value of drama (or play) in a better way. Yogita Warde is awarded and honored with the prestigious “Litfest 2020 Author of the year” and “Tagore commemorative honouree Award 2021” for her tremendous work “Diya”.
Yogita Warde is doing great in her professional and personal life. She gets power and strength from the love, she receives from her readers.

For Yogita Warde, the real achievement is the immense support that she receives, from all her readers, friends, and family.