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The National Under40 Patrika Award went to Rohit Jangid for her accomplishments in Sports and women’s self-defense.

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Patrika of Rajasthan, under the supervision of a national jury, selected Rohit Jangid of Jaipur in the sports category for the 40 Under 40 awards for his achievements in sports and self-defense for women. To date, rohit has trained more than 30,000 women in self-defense skills so that they can protect themselves in any situation. He organizes vigilance camps not only in Rajasthan but also in other states. Rohit Jangid told our representative that when he was young, he was regularly harassed with women, especially in crowded places. Since I am a martial arts master, I decided to organize free self-defense camps for women.
Jangid has received many awards and honors, twice he was rewarded by the Minister and also by the Governor of Rajasthan.
Who is Rohit Jangid – Rohit Jangid resides in Jaipur, is an international Wushu master who has won silver medals at the Asian Championships, World Championships and glorified India, bringing glory to India, currently work in Rajasthan Police force under sports quota.
Where does Rohit Jangid train and who is his coach – Rajesh Kumar Tailor is currently the coach of the All India Wushu Team (Senior) as well as the Rajasthan State Sports Council Wushu Coach. At the same time, he also served as a judge in the International Wushu Championships held in India and abroad. For his important role and contribution throughout his career, he has received a number of awards, including the highest honor in the field of sports coaching, the Guru Vashishtha Award. He trains at Chaugan Stadium in Jaipur.

Who are Rohit Jangid’s parents and what are their names?
Rohit Jangid’s father’s name is Rajesh Jangid who works in the furniture industry and his mother’s name is Sunita Jangid. She is a housewife and her younger brother Rahul Jangid is also an international and national Wushu athlete and currently works at Udyog Bhawan also under sports quota.

Where does Rohit Jangid live and where did he practice – Rohit Jangid lives in Ramgarh Mor near Jal Mahal in Jaipur and has completed his training at some of the best martial arts academies in the world like Academy and Martial arts Phuket Tiger in Thailand.

Why people recognize and respect Rohit Jangid – Rohit Jangid is naturally cheerful and very fickle, as if one’s childishness will never fade away. Rohit Jangid is famous for his healthy looks and lifestyle besides his role as a bossy policeman. Despite being a vegan, Rohit Jangid still retains his body with 6-pack abs. With his looks and outfits, he looks like a fitness model and a social media influencer. He’s quite popular and has over 100,000 fans

What Rohit Jangid said – Rohit said that he was weak and made fun of when he was young, and teachers at school complained every day that he was lazy in his studies. After a few years, Rohit joined the sport and trained hard. Show off his talent and when he plays, everyone will tell his family that this way he will soon become a jerk. His game is a Chinese martial art and in this he practices lifting and throwing, so his relatives misbehave with his family members and tell them that it would be better if he focused on learning and playing it

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