Social worker Neha Sharma was honored by Network Rainbow Media by giving the Best Social Worker Award.

You work hard with true dedication to achieve any goal, then success kisses your feet and today we are talking about such a successful woman, that of Delhi-based social worker Neha Sharma, who has done her best. With hard work and noble intentions, she has made a different identity in the society. Let us tell you that recently Neha Sharma has been honored with the Best Social Worker Award on International Women’s Day by Network Rainbow Media. Talking to the media, Neha tells that I have been working to help the needy people in the society for the last few years and by going to different areas like making children aware of education, distributing ration and blankets .

Neha constantly doing work like This & today due to all those work people are connecting me with them Neha gave the credit of all this to “Making the Difference “ organization. Let us tell you that Neha is currently the coordinator of MTD kiorganization from Delhi as well as Neha has been Mrs India Semi Finalist 2021, also a good singer and writer, along with brand ambassador of Amoli Clothing as well as with Balika Vidyalaya Army. she also works for small girls. Neha Sharma has recently started the Miss and Mrs Glorious Face Show so that she can provide a platform to those women who have talent to move forward but for some reason or the other, it seems like a dream for them to do it.