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Selfless Deeds of Wings of Hope Conforms the Destitute to Smile

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[New Delhi] Winter may provide warmth and coziness to some, but not to everyone.” For most of us, winter conjures up images of curling up under a blanket for warmth, lounging in our pajamas, and sipping coffee by the fire. However, for those who are homeless, every dip in temperature is a battle for survival. A hot meal or a warm blanket may be little to most of us, but they may be lifesavers for thousands of homeless people with no shelter.

People commonly claim that a big number of people die from the cold, but we never see that they die because of a lack of woolen clothes and blankets. Poor and vulnerable people slumber on walkways and by the side of the road and succumb to the cold. During cold waves, these homeless people congregate near one another, but how long could one sleep comfortably without a cover or blanket under such conditions? They tremble the whole evening due to the viral wind, and a few elderly folks even die due to these waves.

Team Wings of Hope rose to this social issue of winter deaths by distributing woolen blankets and food packs to the destitute in four cities, allowing them to shelter themselves from the cold and hungry winter evenings. These folks from rural, homeless, and slum areas of Delhi, Jalandhar, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, who spent all night in rags, praised and prayed for the Team WOH’s well-being! Here are the heartwarming stories of the volunteers behind this noble initiative initiated under the leadership of the Founder, Mr. Triloki Nath Sinha,

Khushagra Shukla, the WOH volunteer in Bengaluru, was inspired by the great thought of Mother Teresa, “If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” To this, he said, “close to a billion people – one-eighth of the world’s population – still live in hunger. So, in an era where every year 2 million children die through malnutrition, why can’t we work for them?” Acting to his noble vision, the team Wings of Hope joined hands to feed the destitute in Ejipura, Bengaluru!!

Similarly, Narendra, a young, enthusiastic professional from Hyderabad, said, he was busy doing all stuff and earning money & fame, even the team might remember him due to his work in some or another way, but this donation drive taught him a lesson for life, and responding to which he distributed food packs in Hyderabad city slum areas. The volunteer also promised to continue this in the coming days and years to come.

In Jalandhar and Delhi, the team WOH on a roll for the 3rd consecutive day, proudly completed the blanket distribution campaign “Ahsaas: Sharing the Warmth, We Feel.” The team of Siddhant, Sanjay, Shubham, Yash Tyagi, Vishal, Aman, Taran, Sathvik, Ankit, Muskan, Yash Mangrole, Aman Bishnoi, and Anjali, distributed 50+ blankets to the needy and slum people.

Through these three days of a donation drive to serve the destitute, the team shared the message that there is no greater present than donating warm clothing to the less fortunate during the winter months and feeding the hungry. Thousands of homeless people face the harshness of winter and are in danger of contracting serious diseases. They are susceptible because of rising air pollution levels and the COVID-19 epidemic, but it also allows us to assist mankind by offering blankets to those in needs. Join a mission like this, this winter because there is no greater gratification than saving someone’s life.

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