Robin Hood Army will serve 75 Lakh meals across India & transforming 75 lives in every RHA City between 01.08.2022 to 15.08.2022

robin hood army

ROBIN HOOD ARMY, A Zero Fund Organisation has always been on top in serving the needy ones from past many years with no food wastage and this year too on I-day, we are ready with yet another mission that is Mission75 wherein we will be serving 75 lakh meals across all over India and along with that we will be transforming the lives of many people with an act of kindness and that will include providing smart sticks to blind people or provide wheel chairs to physically handicapped and the cherry on top will be that we would be honouring the families of defence people or the martyrs..

For further info regarding the same or for any more queries, please contact
Shishir – 98183 95801

Note: We do not accept monetary donation

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