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Rishabh Pant health update: Underwent plastic surgery, MRI reports normal

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Let us tell you that on Friday, December 30, Team India’s standout wicketkeeper batsman Rishabh Pant was injured in a terrible accident. While travelling from Delhi to Roorkee, his car was subjected to an accident. The car was being driven by Pant. At the moment, Rishabh Pant is being treated at the Max Hospital in Dehradun.

The report states that Pant’s head and legs incurred the majority of his wounds. As a result, an MRI of his brain and spine was also conducted. whose report has made headlines. Both the fans and Pant himself are really relieved as a result of this report. Rishabh Pant’s report has actually been normal. Rishabh Pant still needs to undergo a lot more testing, according to the doctors. His ankle and knee would both undergo MRI scans. However, because Pant was in a lot of discomfort and had swelling, it has been put off for the time being. Today, this scan is possible.

Let us inform you that Rishabh Pant suffered severe facial injuries in the collision. In addition, there were numerous lacerated wounds and minor scrapes. Pant’s plastic surgery was just completed in order to improve them. It’s possible that the right knee and ankle of Rishabh Pant have ligament issues. For this reason, the knee of the cricket player has also been wrapped by Max Hospital medical staff. Rishabh’s condition is now fine, according to the doctors, and he is feeling better.

Let us tell you that Rishabh Pant was driving his own Mercedes vehicle to his hometown of Roorkee. He dozed off in the meantime, causing his vehicle to crash into the divider and cause an accident. Pant said that he broke the windscreen before exiting. The car then caught fire. A bus driver was the first to contact Sushil Kumar Pant following the accident. He took care of Pant and dialled for an ambulance to take him to the hospital. Pant was drenched in blood, according to Sushil, and he identified himself as cricketer Rishabh Pant.

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