Nikita Sah – The professional singer who with her dream and passion rose to the top of her industry.

Nikita Sah – The professional singer who with her dream and passion rose to the top of her industry.

It goes without saying, singing is an amazing form of art and singers are truly appreciated in this world. We all like singing and for singers singing a song professionally or live in front of people requires much more practice and hard work. Such is the dedication of Nikita Sah who lives to sing and her life always circles around music. At times words are not enough to describe her intense passion that is deeply attached to singing and that it unquestionably ignites the fire in the form of her melodious voice.

Nikita discusses her early days in music and how, despite adversity, she always prioritized her passion. Music has always been a part of her life, and she credits her father for encouraging her to chase her aspirations and follow her passion. Singing, of course, has always been her love since she was five years old. She learned to sing with the help of his father, who she considers to be her inspiration. Since the beginning, her father has been her teacher and has taught her everything she knows about singing. Post which, after the 12th standard she polished her skill in singing from the legend Pandit Haramohan Khuntia for 1.5 years.

She says “Thanks to my father’s influence, who despite his busy schedule always made time for me, he had placed me on that path of desire.”

Nikita, an artist, and a professional singer was born and raised in Orissa’s Rayagada region. As an artist and a professional singer, she has been a source of inspiration for many aspiring singers, and it’s incredible how her incredible skill has been appreciated by the listeners. She hopes to advance her career as a playback singer in the near future, as well as write her own music as a lyricist and composer. With each passing day, she is undeniably approaching the peak of accomplishment. Nikita is a living example that shows us that if you are dedicated to yourself and stick to your dream and passion, anything is possible.

Nikita was inspired by the work of prominent vocalists such as Arijit Singh and Darshan Raval, who encouraged her to pursue singing as a profession. It inspired her to press the rock button, and she took her talent to the next level with her YouTube channel, ‘Niks Music,’ a year ago. Without a doubt, inspiration may come from anyone, and her father played a significant role in inspiring her to pursue music as a career. Nikita encourages others to pursue their passions, stating that nothing comes easy or without effort, and that in order to achieve success, one must work harder and remain committed.

Claim to Fame – Professional singer Nikita Sah

  • Felicitated with Governor Trophy in 2014 for performance on singing
  • Winner of the various state-level singing competition
  • Has been a part of Various singing reality shows like Indian Idol and Saregamapa

As a matter of fact, if you could imagine a formula for success in any field it certainly stems from the four ingredients of life that include talent, passion, Discipline, and Hard Work, and when all four are in place incredible results are inevitable, but ironically talent becomes the icing on the cake. Professional singer Nikita Sah is an example who is soaring high with her passion, discipline, and hard work with a gift of talent. She approached her life with direction – a roadmap that includes where she wants to be. Explore her melodious songs on her official YouTube channel ‘Niks Music’

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