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New criminal laws proposed in Lok Sabha

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Minister of home affairs proposed 3 new bills in the parliament today.

The Laws namely being :

  1. The Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita Bill, 2023 (to replace Indian Penal Code)
  2. The Bharatiya Sakshya Bill, 2023 (to replace The Indian Evidence Act, 1872)
  3. The Bharatiya Sakshya Bill, 2023 (to replace The Indian Evidence Act, 1872)

Shah said that the colonizers laws focused more on punishment than justice.

The proposed new bills will work towards bringing justice to the citizens rather than just punishing the criminals.

It has a provision of one year imprisonment for bribing voters during elections.

Other proposed punishments include 20 years jail to life imprisonment for gang rape, and death penalty for rape of a minor.

Shah said police would not be able to delay investigations anymore. they will have to file charge sheets within 90 days of lodging the complaints. “The investigation will have to be completed within 180 days in all cases. The judge will have to give verdicts within 30 days of framing of charges”.

He said judges cannot delay hearings and orders, which should be out and made online within seven days.

“From August 16, the road from 75 to 100 years of Independence will begin. The PM had vowed to end the mindset of slavery. We will finish IPC (1857), CrPC (1858), Indian Evidence Act (1872) – which were made by the British. We will bring three new laws in their place to ensure the protection of rights. It will aim to give justice not punishment,” Mr. Shah said.

He added how the proposal would fulfil one of the five vows taken by PM on the Red Fort last year.

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