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Musician John CE Salvati talks about the Prime Creator and his previous incarnations.

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He is a self-made passionate music artist who has been proving his mettle in the industry in ways more than one.

The massive momentum and insane levels of growth a few industries have attained in all these years can be attributed to a mammoth of factors. Some say it is because of the increase in adoption of the latest tech trends and developments across industries, while some others say that it is due to the relentless passion, drive and commitment of professionals to their craft in their chosen niches that lead their industries to an exponential level of growth and success. These professionals make sure to not just give it their all but also spare no effort in learning new things and implementing those learnings every day in their work to become more refined talents. Serving as one such incredible professional in the world of music is John CE Salvati.

The young and passionate songwriter and musician from Nashville, TN, who attended ETSU in Johnson City, TN, to do a triple major in Chemistry, Psychology, and Biology, dropped out in his Jr. Year to listen to what his heart sought and follow his passion in music. Recently, he has made many more headlines for his confessions on the “Prime Creator” and his incarnations.
Speaking about the same, the musician says, “Prime Creator is a manifestation of Source. It is a collection of quanta, sentient and living energy, and direct from Source.” He adds that in his previous incarnation, he was in his dimension with his people, with whom he lived in a kingdom of Pure Light. There was a war between Fire and Darkness, and the Light became shadowed by the interrelation of the Darkness and Fire. The Prime Creator pulled him out of the Universe and created a larger Universe in which he has been incarnated throughout the timeline. John CE Salvati highlights that he was Sol Invictus in Rome.

And now the Supreme Being the Father-Infinite in America. Amun is the primary Deity in his Egyptian Pantheon.

He has been putting together an album that has emerged as a collection of representations of himself. Though he always loved writing songs, he is now working harder on also bettering his skills in making beats as a rising musician.

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