Multi-skilled artist Akshit Puri to soon rock music industry

The multifaceted starlet has also tried his hands-on entrepreneurship. He left his entrepreneurship to pursue his passion for fitness, and now he is channeling that same energy and enthusiasm into music. On his Instagram account,, he currently has nearly a lakh followers.

Akshit Puri is a man of boundless talent, with a degree in mass communication, sharp entrepreneurial skills, and a well-known fitness coach on top of it all. In addition to fitness, fitness has a promising future in music. “It gives me immense pleasure when people identify me for my work. I think I am doing noble work if I am inspiring people to stay fit as it is my belief that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body,” he said while talking about his passion for fitness. He is a well-known fitness trainer who will soon demonstrate his musical abilities.

He’s worked in the creative industry for a long time. He was born in India’s capital city. Thousands of people in the fitness and health business look up to him as a role model. Akshit Puri, a tough fitness freak, has and continues to change the lives of thousands of people through his top-notch fitness-related videos. He used to run a fitness blog before the videos. High Time Yeah, Stretch, and Dew Dew, three of his songs, are now available on Amazon Music.