Miss & Mr. Meq 2022, Grand Finale Organised and Directed by Mukul Phate

Mukul Phate, Miss & Mr. Meq 2022

The competition was appreciated and judged by Rajnish Singh Rathore (Mr. Teen INDIA 2018) & Bhavika Dharod (Entrepreneur)

The event had the novel idea of getting rid of any limitations that put a barrier between boys and girls. The beauty pageant has carved out an ideal place in the world of glitz and glamour thanks to its honest and fair regulations.

Miss & Mr. Meq eliminated the idea of height restrictions or bars and eliminated all barriers and restrictions from the competition. Many undiscovered Indian artists now have access to major stages like Bollywood and beyond because to Miss & Mr. Meq. Miss & Mr. Meq’s fairness and openness are becoming well-known for their accommodating and reasonable criteria and conditions. Through the Miss & Mr. Meq platform, many young talents are paving the route to a great career in the glamour and beauty industry.

Under the direction of world record holder Mukul Phate, each contender advances and improves through a customised training programme designed to equip each contestant with the abilities necessary to dominate the fashion and beauty industries. The competition’s competitors would benefit from the training programme both during the competition and after it, as they developed their professional careers.
In season 1, many young teenagers between the ages of 16 to 30 years participated in Miss & Mr. Meq.