Meet The 21 Yr Old Armaan Sandhu, Who is Already To Rise N Shine

Where words fall short, Music comes to fulfill the soul. A musical piece is itself better than a thousand words. Today the music industry is seeing a lot of new artists that are coming up with fresh tunes to rejoice. One of these budding artists is Armaan Sandhu, who looks to make his mark in the music industry.

Armaan Sandhu

Armaan, born and brought up in Punjab now resides in London from where he is looking to start a musical career. Since his childhood Armaan always had a interest in music, as he would write and sing his own songs since he was a teenager. Armaan days that Independent Artists are now getting the respect that they deserve.

He says that now when mainstream artists are not providing what people actually deserve, the independent artists are continuously providing them good music. The 21 yr old is now finally stepping into the music industry with a Debut Single which is expected to release soon. Speaking about the release Armaan said that he is very excited to bring his very best to the table and is looking forward towards it.