Meet Anshul Bansal: An modern-day real estate interior designer and influencer.

Taking giant strides across the social media industry with his creative and informative content on designing house is Anshul Bansal.

With the humongous emergence and rise of many different social media platforms and digital tools, the world has found a new place to spend most of their time at. Today the next gen customer can swipe their fingers over many different gadgets and smart phones to get their desired product in fastest possible way. In this very social media world, influencers as an niche category has found tremendous success and recognition among masses. Influencers have spread their magic across diverse sectors, be it be fashion, lifestyle, health & fitness, real estate, or any other domain. We came across one such rising influencer and youtuber taking giant strides across the real estate domain and been an key figure in making the dream house available for many, Anshul Bansal.

Born and brought up in Chandigarh, India, Anshul Bansal has been an passionate professional when it comes to the world of interior designing. After completing his graduation with B.Tech. in Mechanical, Anshul worked with an Multi-national company but soon quit the job and he was highly inclined towards interior designing and wanted to pursue it as an full-time career and profession. Embarking his real estate journey in 2012, Anshul has already scaled great height of success in this field and has set high benchmarks for many millions to follow. He specialized in designing amazing houses, Bedroom design ideas, Luxury Villa and designs. He is well experienced with Selling and buying Modern designed Luxury houses. He provides best solutions when it comes to having a house with a modular kitchen, finest Bathroom design, and Duplex House design. 

With an growing need and demand among masses to hunt for their dream houses, Anshul has punched above his weight to establish himself as one of the most seek and sought-after real estate influencers in the country. In the year 2019, he started his own YouTube channel named “Technocrat Anshul” which provides honest reviews and guidance to the people who are looking forward to having the most beautiful and luxurious house. Sharing deep insights and valuable information, Anshul’s advice and suggestions regarding modern Bungalow designs and ideas have been loved by many across the country. 

Anshul Bansal has made a remarkable presence on YouTube with more than 558k followers on his channel and also on Facebook which has more than 203k followers. We are certain that Anshul Bansal  has many more miles to go ahead in the real estate sector.

Anshul says that he believes in fulfilling the people’s dream to have a beautiful house of their own with high comfort and facilities.