Meet Anmol Masih, making his name Tasvir wala with success as a photographer

Some people may wait for appropriate opportunities to knock on their doors, but a few others may go out, set boundaries and create new opportunities to start building their career from an early age. This is easier said than done, but a few rare gems have done just that and inspired many other emerging talents in their industry. Anmol has done the same in photography and created amazing opportunities to make itself a special place in the already highly competitive photography and videography industry. Creating so much rear in his photos was not his walk in the park, but he was focused on moving forward on his journey, and that was how he could create great success for himself.

Anmol Masih

Anmol Masih is an emerging Photographer. He is a man with a proactive approach and has painted the canvas of his dream with the colours of his consistent and persistent efforts. He is well known for his popular name ‘Tasvir wala’. He recently sold his photo for about $900. After selling the photo at a high price he got many contracts for his future developing skills in photography. It is because he has already got years of experience in the field. Anmol Masih was born on 5th October 2002 in Firozpur, the city of punjab. Due to his work in photography and videography he lives in Chandigarh. Anmol is planning to shoot a Web series soon this year. He has also completed his masters in animation.

If Anmol had stopped looking at the challenges he faced, he would not have reached this level in this field. A photographer venue can be a great place to be, even after being surrounded by millions of other amazing photography talents, only if people work with a creative mind and soul determined and do not lose focus on their goals and ideas for life.

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