Monday, May 27, 2024

Maneka Gandhi calls ISKCON biggest cheat in the country

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Maneka Gandhi’s stinging remarks on International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is going viral across all platforms.

In the viral video the BJP MP has called the organization a cheat and has accused them of selling cows to butchers.

The biggest cheat in India today is ISKCON. They establish gaushalas for which they get unlimited benefits from the government to run them. They get huge land…everything. I just visited their Anantput Gaushala. Not a single dry cow is present. All are dairies. There is not a single calf. It means all of them were sold. ISCKON is selling all its cows to the butcher.” says the MP in the video.

Ms. Gandhi has straight up put startling allegation on the organization for trading in cow meat with the face of a religious organization.

watch the video here.

The video is repeatedly shared by the netizens and a probe is sought by the government on the matter.

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