Kushal Mistry’s hearty story of being a comedian is setting new standards for the GenZ crowd

Kushal Mistry started his engineering at Vishwakarma Govt. Engineering College; however, it does not happened

Lecrae once said, “We judge people based on their clothes, social class, and, dare I say, ethnicity. Our comedians make light of these stereotypes regularly, and we laugh at their accuracy,” comedians have been the most observant and yet very much on their feet to change those observations into something funny. Funny enough that sometimes people even end up lying on the floor laughing hard. For ages, comedians have entertained people with their spectacular ability to make people laugh and distract them from all the incidents happening in their life. Kushal Mistry is one such comedian who never had a plan B and only believed in his instinct of working hard towards his goal.

Kushal Mistry started his engineering at Vishwakarma Govt. Engineering College; however, could not happen to complete his graduation as he had other dreams. He was already working towards what he believed was right for him. He started early in his life to dedicate some time out of his regular life to create memes on his Instagram account @kushalmistryofficial. His attempt got noticed and was appreciated by many. His memes were the direct instinct that came from the frustration of regular life. He wanted a platform to outburst his thoughts on the daily observations. Kushal never knew that this ability to observe regular instances can lead his way towards making things bigger in life. Memes were only the starting point of his career.

Since his interest was in learning new things and inclines towards making things funny, he started observing he now favorites Harsh Beniwal and Beyounick. He was watching their short videos on the online social media platforms which got him to think about making his video. This was the time when called over his classmates to keep the proposal of making funny videos on YouTube. Finally, after long discussions and showering creative ideas, Kushal alongside his three friends Parth Parmar, Jatin Prajapati, and Vijay Gurjar decided to create and upload a video on their own YouTube Channel. They named the channel ‘Amdavadi Man.’

In the year 2017, they uploaded this video on YouTube not knowing what was coming towards them. The video got a huge response from the viewers and people requested more of such videos. This was the point he thought of building more ideas on delivering humorous videos on their channel. Within a year or two, they reached 10k Subscribers, turning Kushal’s part-time funny videos into a full-time profession. The reaction that he received from people inspired him to take a big step in making his dream come true.

His decision shortly got him the fame that he was looking forward to and the tag of a comedian. ‘Amdavadi Man’ delivered some amazing work based on Sketch Comedy, daily life problems, trending topics, and even song parodies. Kushal was eventually getting his work recognized in the Industry-leading him to be part of multiple projects. Some of his work includes a song with Kinjal Dave called ‘Parne Maro Viro’ produced by Lalit Dave, music by Mayur Nadiya, and directed by Saurabh Gajjar. The video also starred Shivani Aswar, alongside ‘Amdavadi Man.’ Another noticeable work by him alongside his friends was a song called Tara Hum sung by Vijay Suvada and composed by Vijaysinh Gol. The music was delivered by Mayur Nadiya and it featured Yuvraj Suvada, Pooja Rai, Kushal Mistry, Parth Parmar, Jatin Prajapati ( Team Amdavadi Man ). Recently he has also met his inspirations including Sonu Sood and Badshah. In one of his Instagram videos, he also uploaded a collab with Badshah & Rannvijay Singha. Kushal was also seen promoting many Gujarati Movies in the past. His major collaborations also include stars like Malhar Thakar, Aarohi Patel, Yash Soni and Siddharth Randeriya among others.

In one of his conversations, he mentioned, ‘Dreams are supposed to come true, that’s why we call them dreams. If you are not passionate enough and if you are just there living on somebody else’s terms, you shall never dream. I had a dream of becoming the comedian I am today and it wasn’t that easy to crack an opportunity, but I kept dreaming and working towards making it possible. Here I am happy that I had no Plan B in life and so never got diverted while trying to chase my dream. It is important to know your dream and look for the path to achieve that dream. Rest shall fall in place.’ His dream of becoming a comedian was now no longer a dream and his story is a hearty one to inspire many in today’s world. GenZ and their aspirations are challenged by the amount of hard work and effort Kushal Mistry has put into making it to the top and calling him a full-time comedian. A person who was an introvert and did shy away from everything , in the beginning, is now giving high aspirations to observe and express his heart out to so many people.

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