Monday, April 22, 2024

Javed Akhtar’s Comments on 26/11 Attacks Spark Mixed Reactions Among Indian and Pakistani Celebrities

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Javed Akhtar’s recent comments on the 26/11 Mumbai attacks during an event in Pakistan have received mixed reactions from celebrities in India and Pakistan. While many of his fans on both sides of the border have praised his remarks, some Pakistani celebrities have criticized the audiences who cheered for him.

During the event, Akhtar was asked if he tells people in India that Pakistanis are good people when he visits the country. He responded by saying that blaming each other will not solve anything and that the attackers who carried out the Mumbai attacks are still roaming free in Pakistan. He also acknowledged that there are many people in Pakistan who admire India and want to have a relationship with the country.

However, Pakistani actor Saboor Aly took to her Instagram to express her anger over Akhtar’s remarks, accusing the Pakistani audience of celebrating someone who insulted their country. She expressed her disappointment in the fact that the audience was honouring Akhtar while he insulted their country.

Akhtar was in Pakistan to attend an event honouring the legacy of the famous poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. He was surrounded by many popular Pakistani artistes including singer Ali Zafar who dedicated the song “Ye Kahan Aa Gaye Hum” from Yash Chopra’s film “Silsila” to the veteran lyricist. Despite the mixed reactions, Akhtar has remained steadfast in his belief that blaming each other will not solve anything and that both India and Pakistan need to find a way to connect with each other.

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