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Is there something between Nimrat Khaira and Ishu Kalra?

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The closeness has once again been seen on the social media accounts of Nimrat Khaira and Ishu Kalra. Jalandhar(Punjab) The same sketch artist made the drawings of Nimrat Khaira and Ishu Kalra and they both also shared on their active social media accounts which show a very close relationship with each other, Ishu Kalra hails from Jalandhar. The same Nimrat Khaira studied at HMV College in Jalandhar. Nimrat Khaira also praised Ishu Kalra’s works in Australia events and Ishu Kalra is also seen in his favour and promoting his songs. 

However, there was one thing that was missing from the connection which continued. It is nothing but the ‘love’ factor that the people were looking out for with this new reason too. Ishu Kalra always shares the posts of Nimrat Khaira on his Instagram handle. 

Nimrat Khaira’s debut song was Rab Karke which was released on 24 September 2015 by record label Punjab Records. The song got a good response from the audience. But she got a lot of fame through both her next two songs Ishq Kacheri and S P D Rank Wargi. Both released in 2016 and Nimrat Khaira thereafter set a no-turning motive as an internationally recognized result.

While Ishu Kalra is the President of Humanity NGO, at present Ishu Kalra and his team are working. He is the best at solving all kinds of matters without any help.

Nimrat Khaira mentioned Ishu Kalra in his live event in Australia and also said that Ishu Kalra is a living example of humanity. If everyone takes inspiration from him and starts helping others then humanity will automatically be restored .

It is not yet clear whether love will bloom between Nimrat Khaira and Ishu Kalra. However, the banter between them, added with a pinch of flirting, is definitely what has glued the audience to the social media.

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