Indian wushu achievers Rohit Jangid, Rahul Jangid and Mukesh Gora orating on their game : the core of Wushu ( martial arts or kung-fu)?

Rohit Jangid

“Given enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may
become wise. It is the true warrior who can master both… and surpass the result”. These lines exactly
portray the life of wushu champs Mukesh Gora , Rahul Jangid and Rohit Jangid who further intensify
their game i.e wushu. Wushu, which is also referred to as kung-fu, is the collective term for the
martial art practices which originated and developed in China, and wushu is the well-spring of all
Asian martial practices. Over its long history, wushu has developed into numerous distinct styles and
systems, each incorporating their own techniques, tactics, principles and methods, as well as the use
of a wide variety of traditional weaponry. This is one of the most leading sports in India which is more
highlighted by our Rajasthani wushu champs .

As per them , wushu is not just a game but it is also
operated by people for evil purposes as well as the most deadly martial art has to go to the Israeli art
of Krav Maga. When a martial art is developed to ensure the survival of a people that faced
extermination it goes number one. Not only is it theost deadly martial art, but one of the most
complete self defense systems in the world. This trio is on the list of topmost wushu players of our
nation and their achievements in this field is totally undefined.Mukesh Choudhary Gora bagged gold
medal in wushu along with 4 bronze medals by other players from Rajasthan and many more in South
Asian games , World Championship and Super Fight League . immensely motivated younger brother of
Rohit jangid , Rahul Jangid won silver medal in National games and bronze medal in junior National
games in 2015 and senior national games in 2017 and also reached quarter finals in International
wushu championship. Rohit jangid’s achievements are just like icing on a cake which enhances the
taste likewise his achievements highlights our nation in wushu and makes every countrymen proud .
He earned A Bronze Medal in the Men’s 65-Kg Sanshou (Sanda) , Gold medal in the World
Championships at Dublin , Ireland And won Bronze Medal in The Men’s 65 Kg 9th World
International Wushu Championships held at Tbilisi Georgia and much more. His performance is
totally justified by the quote of Bruce Lee “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once,
but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times” that’s why he never fails to polish his
skills as many times as he could. There is no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort
zone .

These three heros have won the hearts of many and are turning up day and night to gather
more such opportunities and set a perfect example of hardwork, determination , consistency and
patience in games like wushu which can take u to another level heights . After all in the struggle
between the stone and water, in time, the water wins and so is in the game of wushu . Their talks on
their game wushu demonstrates that courage above all things is the first and most crucial quality of a
warrior and the sportsmanship spirit is the true shield to conquer in any game and shine like a star as
Rohit jangid , Rahul Jangid and Mukesh Gora do.