Hard life of the ever-smiling athlete Rohit Jangid , wushu Competitor

Rohit Jangid

The trophy shelf in Rohit Jangid’s room is out of space. The latest addition to the collection is South Asian Wushu Championship Nepal won Silver in 2021. He has also got the fourth rank in the world in the 65kg category. There’s another award that dates back a decade and is very identifiable to him. He took home a figurine of an athlete for having a stupendous track record during the competition. Cricket is considered like a religion in our country. Such was the magic of football and hockey once as well. Then tennis and badminton also touched heights. Now some such games are also coming out, which can be quite popular in the future. One such game is Wushu. An amazing  player of this game is Rohit Jangid, who lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan. There was a time when relatives used to tease him. They used to say that nothing is gained by playing games will be ruined. By making a body, you are becoming a goon. Due to these taunts, the father also started shying away from supporting, but now when the sun is setting fire at the international level, the same relaives do not get tired of praising him by drinking water. He has travelled from Jal Mahal Home, to the Choti Jaipur Pink City of Rajasthan Police to become an World international player. In 2017, he was honoured with the rising star award by the former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. He has received the Veer Teja Award from Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot for the best player. He is currently ranked fourth in the world in the 65kg category. In the 2014 12th Hong Kong International Wushu Championships Hong Kong , he earned a bronze medal in the men’s 65-kilogram, In 2016 9th Word International Championship Georgia, he earned a bronze medal in the men’s 65-kilogram.

Today we will talk about the emerging government official athletes of the current time . Fit Flash’s love for the nation made him the best wushu Athlete. He hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Devotion is the best mechanism that people do to stay in the environment of Sports or win in most places. It is a suggested way to go as it’s completely unbelievable.

Indian Wushu team player and Rajasthan Police’s Rohit Jangid will show his mettle in the All India Wushu Championship to be held in Delhi from 19 September. He was participated in the championship. Jaipur resident Rohit Jangid has world rank four in this game. He will represent Rajasthan in this national level competition. Rohit Jangid is an amazing fighter. He is always conscious about his game and making the name of the country and the state very bright. He is preparing vigorously for the All India Wushu Championship. But let us tell you that where Rohit Jangid is today, it could not be possible in a day. For this he prepared himself and then today he is illuminating the name of the country by winning medals. Rohit Jangid comes from a middle class family, where studies and government jobs are usually the goal. But his inclination has been in the sport of wushu since the ninth grade. He liked this game. But he did not get any support.

Wushu is a Chinese martial arts sport. Along with fighting activities, both internal and external exercises were done in it. It is divided into two factors Taolo and Sansou. Taolo includes martial arts patterns, acrobatic movements, and technical arts.He got World’s Rank 4th IN Wushu MMA kickboxing championship.

He further said, “I Fear Not The Man Who Has Practised 10,000 Kicks Once, But I Fear The Man Who Has Practised One Kick 10,000 Times,” Bruce Lee Said. Whether It’s A Sport Or Any Other Discipline, Practice Is The Only Thing That Brings Out The Best In You” and “Dadi Ka Ladla became the Best Wushu Player of India and made it to the World Rank 4th”.

He is also encouraging and inspiring the young generation through his extensive practising videos on Instagram. He has a massive following on his Instagram (@rohitjangidw). Through his mentorship, he has already impacted many young people.

One day He saw that one of his seniors was getting medals. He was living close to his house so He met him. On enquiry, it was found that he is a player. The Senior told him that I play Wushu, so after taking all the information Rohit decided that I would also become a Wushu player. Did not know the reason, He just wanted to do something, wanted to be strong. He kept trying, but it was not easy. The family didn’t have support at that level.

Now he is impacting or inspiring not hundreds but thousands of lives at a time. There is no shortcut to success, today Rohit becomes immensely popular by his dedication and hard work. Consistency is the key.