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Fierce firing at Delaware Mall in Christiana of USA, three injured and absconding accused

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CRISTIANA: A shooting incident took place at a mall in Christiana, Delaware in the United States, which left three people injured. The shooter is currently at large, and the police are investigating the incident.

According to reports, the shooting occurred at the Christiana Mall on Thursday afternoon. The mall was evacuated immediately after the incident, and the police arrived at the scene soon after. The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital, where they are undergoing treatment.

The police are yet to identify the shooter or the motive behind the incident. They have launched a manhunt for the suspect and are appealing to the public for any information that could help with the investigation.

The Christiana Mall shooting is the latest in a series of gun-related incidents that have taken place in the United States. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been over 13,000 gun-related deaths in the country this year alone, and over 26,000 people have been injured in shootings. The incidents have sparked renewed calls for stricter gun control laws in the country.

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