Fantastic cinema sold out today shows. Box office storms on National Cinema Day2022 House Full boards are showing at Boxoffice

Fantastic cinema sold out today shows. Box office storms on NationalCinemaDay2022 Sea HouseFull boards are showing at Boxoffice

We all know the love and craze of films among Indian masses The tremendous response on National Cinema Day should act as an eye-opener for Studios / distributors / exhibitors and the film fraternity in general about the importance of affordable ticket rates

Still cinemas across India is running with 90-100 % occupancy & it will last till night shows. Along with Ticket price, food and beverages rates should also be slashed upto 50-60%. If exhibitors- Distributors & Film makers take this risk then trust me HITS ratio will increase manifold .. people will flood the theaters even on weekdays.

Other than marketing their Box office with just Rs.75/- ticket and making good food counter sales as the price in the menu has not been reduced. The National Cinema Day being celebrated by Multiplex all over India (excluding few states) has nothing to do with any thing about Cinema.

National Cinema Day is the day to celebrate the spirit and love of all the movie buffs.
It is also a tribute to the persistent hard work and efforts of the Cine artists who work day and night to entertain the audience.
This year’s #cinemaday also serves as an invitation to the people who were preventing to go to cinemas ever since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

Let us all keep the love for Cinema alive!
Adarsh Swaroop wishes every Cine lover and Cinema artist a Happy National Cinema Day!
Have always said it and I repeat, make cinema ticket affordable for the audience + give them good content, the #BO numbers will certainly shatter all myths and records.