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Exclusive Interview with Young Musician Darshan Patil

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Darshan Patil

Darshan Patil shares his opinion about his Music, Journalism, and Entrepreneur Journey till now. It might seem that way to outsiders, who only glance at the success and the achievements, but if you look closer you’ll unveil a strategic and immensely persistent journey. You’ll see that those tip-of-the-iceberg accomplishments are the result of years of learning, exploring, and challenges. To get to where he is today, Darshan Patil has gone through immense growth, both personal and professional. Here are some questions asked to this young boy.

How did you start the online journey?

Basically, I learned all the online skills by exploring the internet, Sites like Google and YouTube have a huge role in this that helped me learn the music, Blogging, and marketing side.

People also know you as a” Darshan Patil Musical Artist/Musician”. How did you get into Music Industry?
Aah! Since I started the online journey I had no idea that I will start making music, I was too good at singing from school time, I used to practice the prayers and classical songs in school. but after getting into that music world, It fetched me towards it and I started making music.

Because of my family’s heritage, the expectations were always clear: do well in school, study at university, and secure a steady job. I had seen my father work day in and day out my whole childhood, and while I respected him for it, there was something enticing in the chance of building something of my own. It was new and it was different.”

What About your Junior Journalist thing?

I am a founder of Google News Approved website named Factdarshan Times, I started this website to feature the local news on a good platform because I know, Nowadays where I live, there is a huge partiality in everything, Lack of knowledge and practice makes it happen that’s why I started this website. Apart from that, I work as a News editor on many news outlets on the internet. I help agencies and entrepreneurs to make an SEO-friendly website.

We have seen your social handles, we saw that you have a good interest in politics, is it a future plan or anything else?

I have an interest in political things or events that take place. My father, Vikas Santosh Patil (Corporator and Taluka president of NCP) is a honest politician. I walk on the way he shows and I love his ideas. I am a huge fan of Mr. Sharad Pawar, that is the reason I always post political things or the stories you saw.

Any Future Plans?

I want to be a Good Doctor, I am a Neet Aspirant trying my best to have a great BAMS/MBBS degree, because of the study environment maybe I am inactive nowadays to the social sites. As my expectation, After getting a stable job and side businesses. I will help the artists that don’t have any platform to showcase their skills. The plan is to launch a Label, Studio, and a reputed social media agency, that will work independently.

Any advice and suggestions for young teenagers like you?

To be honest, I will not suggest any big advice that everyone gives today, means common advice or suggestions that focus on hard work consistency, and all that bullshit. I will only say, Just Follow your passion honestly, remaining things will get automatically work!

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