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ESHA HOME SOLUTIONS offer training programs and skills development opportunities for domestic helpers

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It all started with a thought to help and welfare of those who were need of placement but they don’t know the way” said Meenakshi Kapoor, owner of Esha Home Solutions. Her Journey was never easy as there were no guidelines and benchmark in this industry. This made her more convinced with the idea to provide not just maid service to the people but entire home solution.

Started with few acquaintance from a small office she has made a brand ESHA HOME SOLUTIONS. It’s a brand which provides from maid service, cook service, baby care, security guards and drivers to celebrities and top bureaucrats and all level of people. Meenakshi is working for last 20 years for the benefits of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT and she is strong believer of SKILL INDIA program.

ESHA Home Solutions Works on principles which are milestone for many upcoming agencies. Such as

1) Fair Employment Practices: ESHA HOME SOLUTIONS promote fair employment practices by ensuring that the rights of domestic helpers are protected. This includes advocating for fair wages, reasonable working hours, adequate rest days, and proper working conditions. We educate employers
about their responsibilities and encourage them to treat their domestic helpers with respect and dignity.

2) Training and Skills Development: ESHA HOME SOLUTIONS offer training programs and skills development opportunities for domestic helpers. This can include providing workshops on household management, cooking, childcare, elderly care, and language skills. By enhancing their skills, domestic helpers can improve their employability, increase their earning potential, and gain more job satisfaction. We hire retired professional cooks from 5 star hotels and they trained our staff for different cuisines
so that when they get the job they will be treated as specialized cooks.

3) Education and Empowerment: ESHA HOME SOLUTIONS promote education and empowerment among domestic helpers by organizing educational campaigns and workshops on topics such as financial literacy, * health and hygiene, and personal development. This can help them make informed decisions, improve their overall well-being, and build a better future for themselves and their families. We are helping not only the candidate but children of our workers to educate and enroll them in different skill programs so that they live a life with self respect.

4) Support for Vulnerable Domestic Helpers: ESHA HOME SOLUTIONS extend support to domestic helpers who are facing challenging situations or are victims of abuse. They can collaborate with
organizations that provide shelter, counselling, and legal assistance to those in need. By offering a support system, we help domestic helpers access the help they require and ensure their safety and

ESHA WINGS is a new milestone she has crossed where she focused on women hygiene and started making sanitary pads with in-house all women production team. From fabrication to packing, entire process is been done by women who were need of uplifting there lives by earning and supporting there families with there contribution. In 2021 Ms Meenakshi was facilitated from award “ WOMEN ACHIEVERS 2021″ for her best contribution to the society.
ESHA MAKEOVER is started with a idea to involve new candidates to a different profile. Those who has interest in make-up and beauty, we trained them in our own Beauty parlour situated in south delhi. On-the- job training for hairs, nails and skin care treatments assure them good opportunities.

ESHA FOUNDATION During the worst pandemic of this century, when the whole world was struggling from Covid-19, Ms Meenakshi decide to act as a warrior and started Sanitizing Service to the people who were
recovered from covid, Banks and Government Offices. She proved to the society that contribution to the humanity is her priority. Distributed Food Packets to all those who where house-bound, poor labourers and daily wagers who were helpless for food due to Covid restrictions. Since 2020, Meenakshi is distributing food to the poor and needy on daily basis with a motto “Let’s Care for Each Other”. She is a inspiration to many now.

Please raise your query regarding any Negatvie or postive feedback concerns on our mentioned contacts below:

Social media handles: ( Instagram ) esha1stopsolutionrecruitment

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