Drishyam 2 Review : Ajay Devgn proved his worth and Abhiskek Pathak showed his master class in the Sequel Drishyam 2.

The encounter scenes between Akshay Khanna and Ajay Devgn was treat to watch.

Xpert Times Movie Ratings – 4.5/5 Star

Analysis : Drishyam 2 The Resumption Its Just The Beginning Visuals can Be Deceived From Past Till That Present Moments And With Abhishek Pathak S Smart Directional Style and His Elements Suspense, Thrilling, Twist, Drama, Emotions and Thrilling Moments Which Hooked and Made A Perfect Sequel of Salongkar and His Family. The Camerawork, Picturization and Visuals Top Notch Beautiful song Saath Video song Its already in my playlist Heart Touching Emotional song.
In the recent times, Bollywood crime thrillers are becoming talk of the town and film like Drishyam set a high benchmark for Indian film industry. Infact, Drishyam is the only Indian film which was remade in Chinese. Most of the sequels in india were made to cash in on the popularity of the first film. However, there are very few gems where the director tries to put his best efforts to connect the dots layed out from the original film. Ajay Devgn proved his worth and Abhiskek Pathak showed his master class in the Sequevl Drishyam 2 : The Resumption.Director justified the new roles and their contribution for the twist and turns in the screenplay is quite amazing. Ajay Devgn is an asset for our indian cinema and there is lot to learn from this ace actor. Surprisingly, Akshay Khanna picked up in style from where it was ended. The interval block gives the pinch of shocking element and set the right tone for the second half. Top notch cinematography provides a stunning visuals for us to absorb the beauty of goa.Overall, Drishyam 2 is a rare best made sequel which need to be experienced in the big screen but unfortunately Nevertheless,it is a perfect mystery crime thriller and a worth sequel to watch at your own convenience. Abhishek Pathaks smart direction, twisting screenplay and brillance of Ajay Devgn acting makes this sequel a must watch first day first show.

Fact : Well I can’t talk about the plot much here as I would be walking into the spoiler territory so I have to tread carefully. I just wanted to say that after watching Drishyam (2015) version so many years back it is exactly the same feeling. The revelations in the original were slow and in a particular order but here is more of the same but adding to it are some jaw dropping elements which will leave you speechless and gasping for air, that is how tensed it’s finale is. The background score that rises on occasional revelations is simply astounding and bone chilling. Ajay Devgn is an actor who don’t have to say much and acts only through his gestures and expressions (That is acting is all about). Abhishek Pathak is India’s answer to Hollywood and beyond that great thrillers need not have sky rocket budgets but it is the storytelling that reigns over everything and is the DNA of a film which makes it a unique experience. My only gripe (just nitpicking) with this one it is shot in very limited locations and the budget constraints start to show there. But Hats off to the writer director for coming up with this mystery thriller which stitched so well as the sequel to Drishyam with Unexpected twists , the complete build up of suspense & thrill keeping you at the edge of your seat. The !dea of male protagnist played by Ajay Devgn who is always ahead of everyone in every possible way and he proves it towards the climax just gives you rush of adrenaline out of the suprising excitement . The Climax just makes you go Woow , though not as jaw dropping as the 1st part but still gets you super excited with thrill . There are very rare film sequels where you feel SEQUEL HO TOH AISA.

Performances- Ajayl s Performance Wonderful and and Fantastic Smart Genius Tactics With his Smart Moves. Akshay Khanna s Performance Wonderful and Amazing Performance. Tabu’s Performance Beautiful and Amazing Performance. Saran Fabulous and Amazing Performance Ishita and Heart Touching Performance. Rajat,and Tabu Both Wonderful and Fantastic Performance. Mrunal and Kamlesh it’s just Mind-blowing and outstanding it’s just a beginning of The resumption Drishyam 2 A gripping thriller mystery ride Wonderful performances visually Stunning Great performance best thriller investigation 2022 film Drishyam 2 Hindi film

Verdict- A Perfect Sequel Seat edge of A Mystery Drama Suspense Thriller Ride With Twist and Turns and Its Gripping Thriller Investigation Ride From Abhishek Pathak s Smart Brilliance of Writing and Its Style Suspense ,Evidence, of Drishyam 2 The Resumption A Picture Perfect Thrilling Watch out for.

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