Dr. Nora Rashmi was the showstopper in a cancer awareness event with Big Boss fame rakhi sawant

“If you will to succeed, no one can stop you”

Dr. Nora Rashmi is a Model and Fashion Groomer from India. She had established herself in the fashion industry in her own terms. Basically from the IT sector, spending 15+ years in the IT industry, she started exploring her hidden dreams towards modeling. Her attitude of not giving up on her dreams made her successful. She is the face of many brands and pageants . What everyone calls her as beauty with brains.

She recently shared stage with big boss fame Rakhi Sawant and Actor Shawar Ali in a cancer awareness event ad Showstopper. She later, got honoured by the golden brothers.

In a press interview, she said that she is very happy with this massive success and rocket boost in her career and is also thankful to all the people who supported her in her bad and good times.

Dr. Nora Rashmi has achieved a lot till date and has very bright plans for the future to achieve many more things as well