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Donald Trump arrested; released on $200,000 bond

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The former US President was arrested today at the Fulton County Jail on allegations of racketeering and conspiracy charges related to his alleged charges to overthrow the 2020 elections.

With this Trump created history by being the first and only former US President to be arrested.

The mugshot of the former US President was released which is also the only released mugshot of a President.

After the arrest, Trump told media it was a “very sad day for America” and accused his Democratic opponents of “election interference.”

“What has taken place here is a travesty of justice,” he said. “I did nothing wrong.”

The Fulton County Jail’s website posted about the details of Trump’s arrest. The jail mentioned Trump as a six-foot-three-inch-tall White male weighing 215 pounds, with “Blond or Strawberry” hair and blue eyes.

A large amount of reporters and supporters of the politician had gathered outside the jail.

Consequently his motorcade got a live coverage.

Unlike other politicians who would normally want little to no coverage of such an incident Trump fully advertised the affair.

This year Trump has already been arrested thrice, however previously he surrendered in courthouse than a jail.

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