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Dj Handsome Nasir 2 foundation story

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Today I interviewing to Dj Handsome Nasir 2. It makes my day feel better through his words and his social welfare works.

I asked him his what is special and lifetime memorable situation in his life?
He said all his social welfare works
Then I asked what is his responsibility.?

He said that no one in the world should be hungry.! That’s my responsibility.
Is there any problem in life that makes trouble in u r social welfare works?
He said he had good life in either his family and His love life he was happy . But the real problem was he was helping the poor people. Most of donating. His mother said don’t keep all of your money in helping people

Because he salary donating 90% give for poor people. He Will keep just 10% for his personal use and everything.

But he told never keep back step to help needy people. He will do all his social welfare works with his own money.
He told helped the people in different ways at different situations. But he never told out about his mera foundation and his social welfare works.

The reason is that he didn’t like publicity that saying his social services to public that he was doing this many things to public.

that he was doing this many things to public. He helped so many poor needed people in even corona time on that time he really kept his life in risk at that corona situation .
So many people are in home to protect themselves from corona by using sanitizer.
But he came out and help the poor people because did he knows the value of food that leads to our lives.
He was really honour, dedicated and humble person . He was a good hearted man that I was never met before.
The interview with DJ Handsome Nasir 2 was a great experience for me. His positivity and zeal to make a difference in people’s lives were truly inspiring. I hope his story motivates others to make a change in their communities as well.

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