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Delhi police got big success in Shraddha murder case, DNA matching completed

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The Delhi Police has made significant progress in its investigation into the gruesome murder of Shraddha Walker in the nation’s capital. In fact, the DNA of Vikas Walker, the father of Shraddha Walker, was matched with the body parts discovered by the police in the form of bones in the Mehrauli jungles. The CFSL study has validated this.

On May 18, Aftab murdered Shraddha by strangling her. Aftab was dating Shraddha. Both had previously lived together in Mumbai’s Vasai. Later, they both made the decision to stay in Delhi. Since May 8, they had both been residing in an apartment in Mehrauli, Delhi.

Aftab murdered Shraddha on May 18 and chopped her body into 35 parts and stored it in the refrigerator. Every night, he used to throw a part of the corpse into the Mehrauli forest. On November 12, the police detained Aftab. Since then, the police have been retrieving Shraddha’s remains from the jungle after which their DNA was confirmed with that of Vikas Walker, i.e. Shraddha’s father.

Aftab stated on the polygraph that even if he is hung for the murder of Shraddha, he won’t regret it since he will get Hurons in heaven. Aftab has also admitted that while dating Shraddha, he had relations with more than 20 Hindu women.

According to media sources, Aftab admitted that he used to look for Hindu girls on the “Bumble App” with the intention of making them his victims, said the police officer. Aftab said that following Shraddha’s murder, he had called a Hindu psychologist to his apartment. By giving this Hindu girl Shraddha’s ring, he turned her his victim also. He has also used this tactic on several other Hindu girls. With regard to murdering Shraddha, Aftab has no remorse.

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