Chitkala Mulye is on the golden path of success

“When you have full confidence in yourself, no one can stop you from doing wonders”
Chitkala Mulye is a life-relationship-sexual wellness coach, poet and am author. To transform lives and relationships she founded ‘Chitkala’s Gateway to Happiness’. This speaker, trainer coach with her philosophy to find happiness amidst imperfections is on a mission to transform lives and relationships. She propagates her philosophy ‘lead the change to change the situations and people around’. This philosophy is very useful as none of us is perfect and to maneuver things we need to bring about some changes in us that begin with unconditional self love. She says, “Nature is her Guru and if we want happiness in our life we need to learn the philosophy of life from nature that teaches us survival, struggle, flexibility and change.” She brings about transformation in lives and relationships of her clients with solutions which are practical and realistic.

Her clients admire her for her perspective, ‘Nothing is right or wrong and black and white, all is shades of grey so find an opportunity in every negative thing and happiness would be yours.’

The rock strong coach you see today has a journey full of emotional struggles, no doubt a diamond shines after going through a lot of pressure. She says “Embrace pain and that will enrich you and help you grow. Being an emotional person, I felt broken during the rough patches but I emerged stronger every time I stood up again.”
Being an NLP practitioner, she uses story telling as a means to make a difference and writes fiction novels to make the world a better place. Her acclaimed novel “Beyond a love story”, is a story of a gay boy and straight girl that explores possibility of a family system purely based on companionship and not on reproduction. It brings out the yin and yang of the marriage system and imperfections in relationships. It reveals how true love flourishes in complete freedom and, in certain situations, transcends the boundaries of age, gender, and sexuality. Her book has been reviewed and featured on eminent national and international plaforms like Maharashtra Times, Indian Express, India Today, Sakaal and Asian Lite.
A mechanical engineer, an MBA in HR, ex Market Research Analyst has been a story and screenplay writer for a short film ‘Being Human’. It was screened at Cannes Film Festival, France. The film is about a widow’s sexual desires for her pet dog in whom she believes her husband’s soul resides in.Chitkala at a young age of 30 has explored diverse avenues, successfully touching on bold taboo topics that people would think twice to speak about and more importantly is helping mend intimacy issues in many married couples. This passionpreneur lady is a loving mother, contented wife and a dutiful daughter and thus leads by example as a life-relationship-sexual wellness coach. At a young age of a 30 she has achieved a lot and has a long way to go.