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Child prodigy Maesha Soi rings in birthday with premiere of ‘Parchaayi’ Motion Poster.

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Mumbai: In a captivating blend of talent and emotion, acclaimed film director Dinesh Sudarshan Soi is set to release his latest musical masterpiece, ‘Parchaayi’. Renowned for his directorial finesse and storytelling prowess, Soi brings to life a poignant narrative that delves deep into the realms of love, loss, and the unbreakable bond between a father and his daughter.
Under his music label, DS Creations®️ Music, Soi has curated an ensemble cast featuring his adorable four-year-old daughter, Maesha Soi, alongside talented actors Mansi Yelne, Anup Gaikwad, and Manoj Bakshi. This marks a significant moment for Maesha, who has already captured hearts with her previous appearances in prominent advertisements for brands like FirstCry and Parachute Hair Oil.
Maesha’s debut track, ‘Ram Aane Wale Hai’, soared to great heights, garnering over 1.5 million views on YouTube and dominating trending lists for two consecutive months on audio platforms like Instagram. Now, with ‘Parchaayi’, expectations are high as Maesha ventures into the realm of commercial music, poised to repeat her previous success.
The soul-stirring melody of ‘Parchaayi’ is a testament to Soi’s multifaceted talent, as he not only directs but also lends his musical expertise to the composition. Sung by Utkarsh Saxena and Soi’s better half, Sonia Malhotra Soi, and penned by lyricist Lakhy Bhawanigarh, the song promises to strike a chord with audiences worldwide.
Scheduled for release on May 17, ‘Parchaayi’ is accompanied by a motion poster, unveiled on May 2, coinciding with the birthday of the adorable Maesha Soi. This auspicious occasion adds an extra layer of significance to the project, symbolizing the beginning of a new chapter for both father and daughter.
Produced under the banners of DS Creations®️ Entertainment and Milkyway Entertainment, the music video is a collaborative effort, with Soi leading the direction and screenplay, supported by a talented team known as Team DS Creations®️, Creative Director Sonia Malhotra Soi. including director of photography Tanmay Nikumbh, direction team comprising of Ishmit Mehta & Eshaan Mehta and production head Abhishek Arora.

At its core, ‘Parchaayi’ tells a heartfelt story of resilience and familial love, exploring the profound bond between a father and his daughter, forged through adversity and triumph. With its touching narrative and captivating visuals, the music video promises to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.
As Director Dinesh Sudarshan Soi continues to redefine storytelling through his artistry, ‘Parchaayi’ stands as a testament to his creative vision and unwavering dedication to his craft. With Maesha Soi shining as a rising star in her own right, the stage is set for yet another milestone in the journey of DS Creations®️ Music

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