Brahmastra Part One: Shiva Review: Ayan Mukerji’s film Astraverse create a new milestone in hindi cinema There has Action, Romance & Emotions; in one word Bollywood Is Back.

Brahmastra Part One:Shiva Review: Ayan Mukerji's film Astraverse create a new milestone in hindi cinema There has Action, Romance & Emotions; in one word Bollywood Is Back.

Brahmastra, First Chapter – Shiva is fundamentally a love story, but as the spirits that govern this cosmos seize control, it soon develops into a conflict between good and evil. Written and directed by Ayan Mukerji, is a heady fusion of Hindu mythology and sci-fi elements that serves as the backdrop of an, to put it mildly, unique love story.

Istg some Indian ppl are being weirder day by day in lockdown (I am an indian too btw). First it was limited to leaving hate comments on star kid’s instagram daily without any reason, & now it has reached to a point where y’all are reviewing 1 star to a film that has not even released yet? I really hope all these ppl who think that giving star kid’s movies low ratings would help their outsider favs in getting more opportunities, get some help asap, bcoz what u guys think is clearly not going to happen . So antis, keep wasting ur time on hating successful ppl bcoz at the end of the day they are still getting money and fame whereas u aren’t. Coming to the movie, I am reallyyyyyy excited for it. Kinda sad that it’s getting delayed again and again, but since I want to watch this movie in theatres, I want it to release once pandemic gets over or atleast when it’s safe to go out. Directed by Ayan Mukherjee, who has made masterpieces like Wake Up Sid and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, I seriously can’t wait to watch his another masterpiece.

The film cast includes talented starkids like Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, along with the legendary Amitabh Bachchan, which I am sure is going to make the film 10 times better. Plus this is going to be the first time Alia and Ranbir are going to be casted in one film, and as I am a fan of both, I am really curious to see their chemistry on-screen. Over-all the film hasn’t released yet, but as the cast and creators are so good, I am sure this film will be epic and i am mostly excited to see Ranbir, who is going to make his comeback on silver screen after Sanju in 2018. This film is going to be a hit especially knowing that the ppl who hate Alia-Ranbir are also waiting for it lol. Let’s just hope the pandemic gets over so the film gets released soon

An outstanding and brilliantly made movie after a long time. Usually, I do not encourage bollywood movies but this movie has a storyline that needs your patience and a full on theatrical retreat.
1st half – Killer
2nd half – lil slow but bollywood touch and grippy Character justification Ranbir is a chill guy who doesn’t want to justify the character but his situation makes him do so it justifies later. There are wow moments at multiple intervals.

First ever best graphics movie in India.
For god’s sake do not boycott this movie, it is not a TV movie, it is a theatrical movie With such a great concept can be called prodigy, love angle does dip the movie by 1 point but for this it can be a 4/5 Multiple part movie and too early for any negative reviews
VFX – 5/5
Movie – 4/5
Characters – 4.5/5
Creative elements – 4.5/5 Director – Good job
Music – 5/5 Songs – Was not needed but anyways its an Indian movie so accept it.

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