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Atiq Ahmed’s Killer Arun Maurya is Only 18 Years Old, Villagers Stare at Him in Shock

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New Delhi: Arun Maurya, the killer of Atiq Ahmed, is only 18 years old. Villagers are in shock as they cannot believe that someone so young could commit such a heinous crime.

According to reports, Atiq Ahmed was killed by Arun Maurya, a resident of Sangrampur village in the Chaubeypur police station area of ​​Varanasi. The incident took place on 15th April, when Atiq Ahmed was returning from his farmhouse in the neighboring village of Bhadawal.

Arun Maurya was waiting for Atiq Ahmed near a canal and shot him with a pistol. Atiq Ahmed was hit by four bullets and died on the spot. After the incident, Arun Maurya fled the scene.

The police have launched a search operation to catch Arun Maurya. They are investigating the motive behind the murder. The police have also questioned Arun Maurya’s family and friends to gather more information.

Atiq Ahmed was a notorious criminal and had several criminal cases pending against him. He was a former MLA from the Allahabad West constituency and had been in jail for several years.

The incident has shocked the people of the area, and they are demanding immediate action against Arun Maurya. The police have assured them that they will catch the culprit soon and bring him to justice.

The incident once again highlights the growing crime rate in the state and the need for effective measures to curb it. The authorities need to take immediate steps to ensure the safety and security of the people.

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